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Suzanne's opportunity to teach a non- Autistic gathering how to respect, communicate, and support the needs of the neurodivergent population.

Creating a Strong Team

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When an Aspie individual chooses to find a mentor, they could go to the best mentor with many clients, but will you tell them you understand their day-to-day challenges of getting responsibilities accomplished when they would rather stay in your pajamas?   Will you know how lonely it is on a Friday night for them when they do not have plans but want to go out? 

While you may not be an Aspie yourself, it will be ultra-important that you are compassionate to their experiences and withhold your opinion or advise what you would do in that situation.   Their experiences are usually painful, so they need your help to avoid making the same mistakes.  Your role is to provide information on the topic and help them learn what is healthy or appropriate to make life easier. Utilizing the list below, you will know some of their traits to prevent additional challenging action steps or triggers.   I will also be available if you need to test ideas and have a liaison.  

Society can be harsh regarding how they view them as disabled or vocally judge how they live, work, dress, and behave, so they need you to be sensitive and supportive in how you speak.   Having someone in your extended family who is Aspie is highly beneficial in terms of comprehension of experiences.  Still, it is not required as long as you carefully observe their reactions in different circumstances.  The difficulty or depth of your area of expertise will determine the need for written notes you will need to provide to ensure long-term success over tough questions.   This is where the knowledge base of our team of BridgeBuilders is crucial.   I thank you ahead of time for your patience in helping our Aspie individuals with resources that are not easily accessible in all locations, or in many instances for a fee that does not allow them to receive the help due to needing family or government funds to survive.  

Learning about the special traits of each Aspie Woman or Man
is as varied as there are fingerprints.
There are even vast differences between men and women Aspies. 

While these traits are a good starting point to understand the client better, you may need to check in with your client to find their strengths and triggers


  • Strong photographic memory 

  • Acute attention to detail- often has one strong topic of interest

  • Performs routine or repetitive skills well, often very organized to manage work respon 

  • Often Musically or artistically inclined

  • Loyal and honest in character, high prevalence of rule-following

  • Strong vocabulary - often engages in some form of written work


  • Sensory Overload - volume, light quality, intense smells, clothing textures, food preferences due to texture

  • Sensory processing - too much sound co-occurring = whatever sound is loudest is heard -can not filter out extra noise.

  • Information overload - conflicting information is not discernable, and sound location is not easily detected. 

  • Auditory processing without a visual representation is not retained- telephone conversations are not clearly remembered due to a lack of facial expressions. (often prefers video conferencing) or written notes

  • High incidence of meltdowns or depression due to being misunderstood, ignored, or alienated 


To understand additional challenges, please check out my business page
"Enriching the Aspie Women's Lifestyle

Bridge Buddies 

Alternative Involvement 

a BridgeBuddy is a woman who accompanies an Autistic woman into a social gathering and helps her to feel that she belongs  and is not alone


The isolation and rejection that Aspie individual experiences when they are left out of social engagements compounds their pain of not being recognized for their gifts to offer to a job position.   Society tells them they are not company material. Because many neurotypicals obtain social invitations through their work environment, Autistic individuals are left out of enjoying valuable friendships with individuals with the same interests.   This, too, can elevate the statistics of suicide if they are never included in activities.  Attending Meetups alone will not happen; they will not risk rejection, so they stay home. 


What if a BridgeBuddy lived in a nearby town or city and was willing to connect face-to-face with them for a cup of coffee, a movie, a great meal, or even a more extensive group social event such as a dinner among friends? Can you imagine the tremendous impact that could have on the confidence of a lonely Aspie individual?  

You may not have time to commit regularly to being a volunteer coach but do not mind inviting an Aspie out for an outing.  They would love an invitation for some comradery, which could, over time, positively impact their ability to pursue other goals and dreams in social environments.  

Would you like to become a BridgeBuilder?

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