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Marilyn Shivers, NY

& Jennifer Underwood, OH

I went to check out the web page “Bridge Builders” and Jennifer jumped out at me as I was struggling with menu planning and my desire to also lose some weight. After sharing my heart to you, you made the connection between Jennifer and myself. I could hardly believe it. Someone was actually listening and hearing my cry for help. I met Jennifer by email I believe it was at first and then we connected on chat. She asked me some questions about what I was looking for. Not always feeling like I articulate correctly, I just talked like my normal self and she got me! I was so excited. She said she was happy to help me. We have exchanged different ideas since. I like to share my ideas with her and pictures as well of the food I have prepared. We can all learn from each other. Will I be able to make every recipe she offers? Maybe, maybe not…but if I can’t because of various restrictions I communicate that with her also. It's great having a new friend/coach to help me along.   Marilyn J. Shivers 

Lisa Driver, MI

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Satisfied Clients

Our Aspie Clients Served

A condition, situation, or circumstance can stop us in our tracks, and nobody understands this better than those who live on the Autism Spectrum.  Our lives can change at a moment's notice, and we seem to take the knocks three times worse as the abrupt change affects each of us differently.  Now put into the equation a volunteer who knows just where to find the demanding answers to our questions, such as what loan will help us without long-term effects, or how do I move my family in five weeks with the least stress and cost possible?     Creating a group of neurotypical Bridge Builders with the answers will allow us to find legitimate companies and individuals who will not take advantage of us.   Here are the clients who have stepped up to receive help at a crucial time, which has made a huge impact on their lives. 

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