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My Passionate "Why"
By Suzanne Plumley

Starting in September of 1990, as a college graduate with a BS in Elementary Education, I worked as a substiute and after school enrichment educator in four school districts.  I was wrongfully fired as a Lead Teacher for a school age program as I wouldn't accept inappropriate age activities. And, I worked at poverty level in seven retail positions in two states without ever being able to receive my

own classroom assignment. 


In the last school district, I was unfairly terminated by the distrusting principal after a child falsely accused me of hitting him in order to receive parental attention away from her cell phone.  This last firing caused stress that led me to hydroplane across southbound traffic being hit by a Mack truck and minivan, but I walked away without a scratch. 


I had a mission I was meant to bring to the world.  With the enormous support of Brave Thinking Institute, I learned of my possibility of Autism, received a 2.5 hour analysis, which explained the reason for my employment challenges. I also learned of my mission to create resources to eliminate wrongful terminations, dispel the need for disability SSI as the "soul" source of adequate income, and to create a welcome bridge to the neurotypical world by way of volunteer BridgeBuilders.

If I had not been listening to a podcast where Mary Morrissey was promoting her book, Building Your Field of Dreams in February of 2018, perhaps I would  have been counted in this horrific statistic. 


For a few years now, researchers have known that suicide is a major issue for autistic people. The first population study on autism and suicide, published in 2015, shows it is the second biggest killer of autistic adults without intellectual disability, after heart disease. ~ Sara Luterman

woman is looking very depressed as she feels alone in her problems

Why is this horrific statistic happening??

When an Autistic individual is rejected by society and believed to be disabled, incapable of work in a neurotypical environment; or fired from her job, the best alternative to surviving in this world is to apply for disability, though she has no intellectual deficits.  Her "family and friends" do not understand what the big deal is and often walk away from the relationship believing that she must have done something to bring that problem onto herself.  They also disbelieve that she is actually Autistic because she has "dealt" with life up until this point with an invisible mask.  People cannot comprehend the emotional exhaustion and neurological barriers she is hiding behind that mask.

Two-Way Website to serve  Aspie Individuals & Volunteers

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If you are willing to be a Volunteer, you will be entering your information on the BB INFORMATION page. 

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Our Mission

Creating Accessible Resources for Aspie Individuals

"Aspies," or Independent capable Level 1 Autistic individuals, have been able to go about their lives for the last twenty, thirty, and possibly forty years before realizing that some of their traits are now classified as Autistic.  They always knew they were different from classmates, college dormmates, and colleagues, but now they are not "weird." They realize that how they process information has put them on the Spectrum.  So many have lived years as single or married and finding personal ways to manage called coping skills.  While society would believe that this makes them disabled, most are not; instead, different-abled and limited or no intellectual deficits.   However, because of their different behavior or thought processing, members of society do not understand their gifts and focus instead on our deficiencies. Therefore, many are either underemployed, unemployed or often fired from job positions due to facing issues that are outside of their control or getting blamed for problems as they are easy scapegoats. 

I am Suzanne Plumley, a certified coach who is also an Aspie. I can lead these individuals toward an enriched life without negative family control. Aspie BridgeBuilders are the individuals in society who understand the issues that Aspie individuals face and want to help find solutions. We need their expertise in a particular topic to be our resources for better management of our lives.  We have often been blocked by society's hidden rules outside our discernment, but we want to continue utilizing our talents to co-exist in the world. We want to thrive in careers, and relationships, manage general home-life skills, and entrepreneurial opportunities when desired. There are no limits to them, but I need the help of Bridge Builders and Bridge Buddies to help us connect the two worlds.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Here are our volunteer mentors who have stepped up to be available as resources to answer questions, help you virtually or in-person with projects, and out of a rut you get feel stuck in.  Each volunteer has a certain area that they excel in so that we can meet your needs. While we will operate in the US first it is my greatest hope to take it over seas once we understand the laws of your country and have appropriate Team Builders ready to take action in your country.  

I'd love to know when new coaches are added in my area

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