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The bridge that connects the neurodivergent side of life from the neurotypical side of life.

The Aspie Bridge

Once diagnosed, so many adults retreat from society out of shame for their Autism diagnosis.  They let society determine their fate in life, relationships, or work opportunities.  When women and men retreat to the neurodiverse side of the bridge, they are cutting themselves off believing that society will never accept their gifts both physical and metaphysical which makes them an asset to not a victim of society.  It is time for each Aspie individual to choose when enough is enough and remerge back into society in confidence that their unique quality is exactly what the world needs right now!  I am the torchbearer to lead them to the best resources to utilize their gifts.


Tuesdays, Weekly at 11AM CSTWould you kindly consider making a donation to watch and interact with the show?Just $1 per person to register can go a long way to help me serve the women who are "stuck" on SSI without a means to hire a full-time coach. Podcast Engineer: Emily Gollmer

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January 9th

Weaknesses - Missed Opportunities and Competition

I would be remiss to say that helping women recross the bridge after diagnosis will be a piece of cake.  There are emotional bruises where family members are questioning a late diagnosis.  There may be experiences where the individual was fired from their job for no clear reason.  The interview process was exhausting after the 5th try at a job, they qualified for but due to competition, they were not chosen due to lapses in answering interview questions. All of these reasons can lead a woman to give up on going back into society to family members for emotional support, trying to get through job or interview number six, or make it through the workday without a meltdown.  

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