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The services our BridgeBuilders offer are based on a specific need or question that can be resolved in two hours for the assistance to be considered "non-profit" at no cost to you.  There will be two 30-minute conversations on both sides of the action step.  We all have busy calendars, so each BridgeBuilder offers a maximum of three sessions to any Aspie on each topic of need.  

  1. Session one is a conversation to understand the exact need of the individual and options that have already been considered independently. 

  2. Session two is taking the action step together to resolve the dilemma or problem, such as filling out a loan application. 

  3. Step three is the follow-up resolution to be sure the question or need has been resolved.


If a BridgeBuilder opts to do more, it will be their decision.  If you want to learn more about the programs a coach offers, you may opt-in for their paid programs. 

Online Class

The Aspie Contact Form

Would you like to find the closest BridgeBuilder in your area?  Someone who will help you with a problem or might even enjoy going out for a treat with you?

Once we have started, you will: 

Text "Aspie Help" to 1 830-333-9855

When you have a situation in which you need help.

Be sure to list your closest major city in your text to us so we can find you the most logical Bridge Builder.  

Thanks for submitting!   We look forward to assisting you!

Our Services

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